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NYSE to Web3, NeuroTech and global streaming platforms.

"Blown away by Matt's final product for us. Amazing work ethic, quick turnaround time and made ata come to life"
Esmerelda N.
CEO of ata football
ata football delivers monumental live coverage, real experiences, resources, and tools for fans of women’s football – fueling the sport’s growth and making football a sport for all. Showcasing elite teams in the top leagues around the world.
Web Development
"Matt has gone above and beyond for both Neurotracker and CTS90 to help us take our platform to customers around the world. His design and development helped launch us into a global solution for cognitive training."
Jonathan A.
CEO of NeuroTrackerX
The world’s most scientifically-validated cognitive training technology trusted by elite athletes, military & health professionals to increase brain performance. Clients include: elite Military, elite athletes (F1, NBA, NFL, EPL, NHL & more), Universities, doctors, PTs and students.
"We broke multi-million dollar records with Matt. Some of the biggest names in the NFT space have come out and asked me who my design and development team is. They can't believe how great of a team from start to finish Matt and his guys have been."
Travis B.
Founder of Meta Bounty Hunters
We Generated $7,600,000 in revenue 6 days of NFT sales. Meta Bounty Hunters (MBH) is a digital collection of 8,888 unique NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The first invite-only community and collective of elite members who share a community-first mindset and are focused on spreading peace throughout the galaxy with community giveaways and charitable models.
"Best blockchain development team I have ever hired. Worth every penny from start to finish the best developers I have worked with. I have used Matt for more than one project and will continue to do so."
Graydon O.
President of Original2Digital Corp.
Carbon Negative, NFT Marketplace to successfully transact on Algorand with over 2500 current users. Showcasing charitable giveaway projects, rare interviews and recordings from the likes of Amy Winehouse to Michael Jackson.
"Matt is just as much a part of this iV Bars family as I am. I came to him in 2017 for a website redesign when we only had locations around the Greater Dallas Area. Fast forward still working together 5 years, over 1 million IV Cocktails given and 40 locations around the USA"
Aaron R.
CEO of iV Bars Inc.
From 6 locations when we started to over 40 locations across the USA. The medical spa for intravenous infusions, stem cell therapy and wellness solutions. Signature iV infusion formulas and methods comprised of Vitamins, Nutrients, and essential minerals to help improve the quality of life of Americans.

First impressions matter, so your platform should look, feel and perform with perfection.

We're about crafting dreams into tangible realities. Our mission is to empower visionaries, innovators, and entrepreneurs, providing them with the tools and expertise they need to thrive in the digital age. We believe in the transformative power of technology, and through our bespoke solutions, we aim to redefine the boundaries of what's possible. Every project we undertake is a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and our clients' success. Together, let's shape the future, one digital solution at a time.
1. Vision Alignement (R&D)

We dive deep into youraspirations, ensuring a shared understanding and unified direction for your goals. We do this through:
Discovery Session: Engage in comprehensive discussions to unearth core objectives and desired outcomes with in person or virtual meeting.

Blueprint Creation: Draft a preliminary roadmap that aligns with your vision, setting the stage for actionable steps.

Requirement Gathering: Document specific needs, objectives, and any existing challenges or pain points.

2. Innovation & Tailored Solution Design

After the vision is aligned we craft solutions that resonate with your needs and market dynamics. No one solution is the same.

We provide a step by step blue print, the proper research & analysis delving into market trends, competitor landscapes and target audience behaviors.

Then we provide a proof of a concept with prototyping and feedback allowing you to visualize the end product and provide us your invaluable feedback for refinements.

3. Development & Execution

At this stage we turn your prototype into a fully functional solution. We transform designs into functional solutions, ensuring flexibility and adaptability throughout. We provide:

Coding & Development: Using the latest technologies and best practices, our team starts the development phase.

Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing for functionality, compatibility, performance, and security.

Pre-launch Testing: Final round of testing to ensure everything runs smoothly post-launch.

Deployment: Launch the solution on the desired platform or environment.

4. Handover, Aftercare, Feeling Great

Beyond project completion, we foster a lasting relationship focused on continuous improvement and scaling so you can continue to feel great about your new platform. This includes:

Performance Monitoring: Track key metrics to gauge the solution's success and areas for enhancement.

Optimization & Scaling: Based on real-world feedback and analytics, refine the solution and identify opportunities for expansion.

Ongoing Support: Provide unwavering technical and strategic support, ensuring the client's sustained success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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